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23rd December 2010


Dear heavens.  I want to go see the Clippers this season.

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17th June 2008


Just a quick NBA finals question…

Was the game played 5 on 2 or something?  We were at our birthing class and I only saw the final score.  The Celtics scored 131 points?  The Texas Rangers scoring 30 against the Orioles last year thinks that is ridiculous.  Nice D Lakers.  Do us Laker haters a favor and go away and never come back and take those stupid Laker car-flags with you.

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11th June 2008


ESPN - 2002 Lakers-Kings Game 6 at heart of Donaghy allegations - NBA →

Holy cow!  David Stern has an inferno to put out.

 A while back when asked what his ideal NBA finals match-up would be commisioner Stern said “The Lakers vs. the Lakers.”  Is it really that big of a leap to think that referees would make decisions to enable that outcome?

Good luck trying to disprove what you yourself have already admitted Commish.

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10th June 2008


Kobe Bryant is a whiney spoiled brat and the only reason I am not a Laker fan.

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6th June 2008


I’m surprised their juniors didn’t fall out
— Mariah- commenting on the size of the shorts worn by basketball players in the 1980’s

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